I remember that phone call.

It was early June, 2013. We were hanging out in the airport at Vancouver, having wrapped up a wedding shoot the day before, and were waiting to catch our flight home to Montreal. I idly checked a text message I had missed the day before, quickly scanned through it, did a double take and nearly dropped the phone. “It’s Aimee!” I told Tim, excitedly poking him in the arm. “She got a cookbook deal….and she’s asked US to photograph it!”

We called her right on the spot, not patient enough to wait until we got back to Montreal. She had just returned from Las Vegas, fresh off of winning an award from Saveur Magazine for Best Food Blog for Cooking with Kids. She relayed to us to the beginnings of her plans for the book…and so began our foray into food photography. And what an adventure it is! Over the course of a year we photographed over 75 of the recipes as well as several large events, gatherings and family outings. We can probably drive to her house blindfolded and our kids know where all Aimee and Danny’s kids toys are stashed. Logan took his first steps in their hallway.

We feel incredibly humbled and blessed to have been entrusted with this opportunity to photograph the incredible food (and having sampled devoured almost all of it personally, I can say that with utmost conviction) and the events and family life depicted in Brown Eggs and Jam Jars. Our photos are just a part of the whole package: super helpful advice and tips for homesteading and cooking with kids, funny and heartwarming stories, and of course – mouth-watering recipes!

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